What we have been up to

  1. Oliver Lauterwein

    Meet our team | Chief Commercial Officer Oliver in expanding BuyBay in the European market

    Oliver is BuyBay’s Chief Commercial Officer, and responsible for expanding the company’s footprint outside of the Benelux.

  2. Business Innovation Manager Andreea

    Meet our team | Business Innovation Manager Andreea in developing BuyBay’s new platform

    Andreea is BuyBay’s go-to person when it comes to developing projects that push forward the company’s mission of promoting sustainability in the retail industry.

  3. Product Developer Jesse

    Meet our team | Product Developer Jesse, the link between business and IT

    BuyBay’s driving force behind Product Development, Jesse, connects business and IT by answering the question “what to develop next?”

  4. Teamlead Customer Service Kristel

    Meet our team | Teamlead Customer Service Kristel: “Our team is doing great working from home, our customers are happy!”

    Kristel runs our customer service team with great devotion. Now from home. Within a day she managed to successfully shift her 7 team members and their operation to working remotely.

  5. Vladimir

    Meet our team | Our Ruby on Rails developer Vladimir developing a better world

    Our Ruby on Rails developer Vladimir knows how to rise to the top. He develops the software we use in our warehouse.