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Recommerce Solution

Services- Full-Service Package

BuyBay is the recommerce expert that unburdens all your stress caused by returns and overstock. Our full warehouse capacity ensures efficient processing and maximized recovery for every product, helping you achieve optimal results.

  1. Slash your time and handling costs

    BuyBay takes care of your returns and overstock: from products reception, storage, processing, grading, sorting, reselling, to customer services.

  2. Maximize recovery

    Automatically help you resell them on more than 20 European recommerce marketplaces

  3. Get prepared for European Union regulations (E.g. CSRD) with our transparent product flow

    Gain Actionable Insights into Product Flow and Data Insights

Check out our 15.000m2 grading center in the Netherlands

Maximize your profits with BuyBay's recommerce solution

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    Receive & sort

    We register products upon reception in our warehouse. Our software automatically decides what handling activities will get you the best value and start sorting. Of course, you can monitor what happens to your products in our online partner dashboard.

  2. 2

    Expert grading

    Our experts will determine the state of your products and grade them (42 grading levels). Our software automatically determines the testing procedures need to be performed to guarantee a working product. Products containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII under GDPR) will be handled by our data wiping experts.

  3. 3


    We collaborate with our own network of repair centers to make sure we can facilitate repair services as well. We will ship the items, monitor the repair, make guarantee claims and get the money back to you.

  4. 4


    How do you know you get the best price for your return inventory? Our software monitors market prices for 100,000+ of products. Along with our grading information, product search volumes, and several other data sources, our software updates our prices multiple times a day. This is how we make sure we can sell every item within 90 days for the best price.

  5. 5

    Channel selection

    Our software integrates with 20+ recommerce marketplaces (such as bol, Amazon, Back Market, our own B2B auction platform Beluga.) to get you the highest sales price and lists it there for sale. It ensures your products are listed for sale at the highest possible price across these platforms, automatically matching and listing them for you.

  6. 6

    Fulfillment, pre- & after-sales

    Once an item has been sold, it needs to be packaged, sent, and delivered to the customer. We take care of all of this, as well as aftersales. And pre-sales, as customers often have questions about a second chance product before they buy it. We help clarify what damage a product may have and, if necessary, send additional pictures to reassure the customer of the purchase.