Increase profitability of returns and overstock from your warehouse

With BuyBay's [YOU GRADE] recommerce solution:
You receive and grade.
We resell and maximize your profits.
You deliver to customers.

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4 simple processes with YOU GRADE

  • Step 1: You receive returned products

    BuyBay’s recommerce software helps you to receive and sort returned products.

  • Step 2: You grade

    Customizable and default workflows guide you through simple routing to detailed grading steps, ensuring minimized costs, optimized resale value and, ultimately maximizing your payouts.

  • Step 3: We sell

    The recommerce software connects your graded products and overstock to over 20 recommerce marketplaces across the Benelux, Germany, and France, ensuring the shortest time to reach new customers while maximizing payouts.

  • Step 4: You deliver

    The software automatically delists the sold products and notifies you for fulfillment. You can then deliver to new happy customers.


20,000 positive customer reviews

We promise all products go to new happy customers in Europe through our marketplaces, with 20.000+ positive reviews.


Net Promoter Score (Q4, 2023)

This score shows that our partners are highly satisfied with BuyBay's services.

Use Case: E-tailer

Contorion tripled recommerce profits with BuyBay's recoommerce software

A leading German e-tailer, Contorion implemented BuyBay’s recommerce software in one of Fiege’s multi-user centers in Germany. In the first month, Contorion prolonged 5.000 product lives, tripled their recommerce profits, and reduced CO2 emissions by 70% compared to the industry standard.

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Contorion tripled recommerce profits with BuyBay's recoommerce software

  • Diverse product range

    BuyBay's Recommerce Software, with over 2.000 customeizable workflows, empowers Contorion to efficiently and consistently grade an extensive range of returns and overstock.

  • High transportation costs and emissions

    You Grade prioritizes optimal routing, significantly reducing transportation expenses and emissions.

  • Limited access to recommerce marketplaces

    BuyBay enables Contorion to tap into new recommerce markets, beginning with Benelux and France.

Results in just one month

  • Increased recommerce profits

    x3 times

  • Gave second life to

    5.000+ products

  • Avoided CO₂ emissions

    70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to industry standards

  • Recovery percentage

    80% of the original retail value

  • Gained access to new recommerce markets

    Benelux and France

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