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  1. Buybay warehouse in Wijchen

    The biggest unnecessary expense in e-commerce operations

    To learn where organizations can find the biggest profit in dealing with returns management, we talked with all-round operational expert and Site Manager at BuyBay: John Warnar.

  2. Returns & Overstock

    Step by step: The journey of a returned item

    This blog explains what steps an efficient returns management process should include and demonstrates the complexity of the process through the journey of 3 example products.

  3. Sorting

    Returns management: challenges and opportunities for mid-sized E-Commerce companies

    Returns management can be very complex, especially for medium-sized online businesses. We have identified challenges that make returns management a roadblock and identified opportunities to overcome them.

  4. ReCommerce

    E-Commerce Trend 2022: The Rise of Re-Commerce

    We believe "Re-Commerce" (the resale of returned, new or used products), will be the number one E-Commerce trend in 2022 as it offers many advantages for companies. In this blog, you'll learn about the three reasons why re-commerce will be a megatrend next year.

  5. New customers & sustainability

    Sustainable returns management: the opportunities for (premium) brands

    More and more (premium) brands are opting for an e-commerce strategy. In addition to realizing higher margins, it gives brands control over the sale of new products. We explain how (premium) brands can use returns management as a strategic advantage to generate new customers and contribute positively to their brand image.

  6. Products in warehouse

    Black Friday & Holiday Season: Are you ready for the flood of returns?

    While many online shops are preparing for rising demand and growing volumes of purchases, only a few have a strategy for dealing with the expected flood of returns during these seasonal sales peaks. We have compiled a checklist with 5 questions to help you check and optimize return management processes.

  7. Returns management

    The 10 key criteria for selecting a returns management partner

    Many companies decide to work with partners to outsource (parts) of their return management process. But which partners are the best fit, and why? We have compiled a checklist with criteria to watch when selecting a partner.

  8. Circular economy

    World Environment Day on June 5th: Studies show sustainability trend in (e)Commerce

    We have summarized current observations on sustainability dynamics as well as three convincing arguments for more sustainable handling of returns and B-goods on the way to zero-waste eCommerce.

  9. Returns management

    Better than new? Sustainable business trend “re-commerce”

    The trade with overstock is currently experiencing a real boom. We summarize the criteria buyers should consider when choosing a platform.

  10. Whitepaper Effective Returns Management

    Whitepaper: Effective Returns Management

    Do you want to start with effective return management, or wish to improve your existing return management initiatives? This whitepaper outlines how you can get your business of returned products in control in just three steps!

  11. Video Games, Home Office Equipment and Smoothie-Blenders

    The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced consumers' order and return behavior. We share our insights and those from the University of Bamberg.

  12. Our warehouse

    How we try to keep our people safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we are working in our warehouse. We tried many things to adapt to the new situation, some of which failed, some of which worked. In this post, we want to share everything we did.

  13. image-2

    Returns management – from necessary evil to strategic advantage

    Returns management is an effective way to increase profits, foster sustainable customer relationships, and differentiate from the competition. We have summarized three starting points that can enable this.