Return & overstock management

We process and sell returned products and overstock for retailers, e-tailers, brands, distributors, and manufacturers. With our advanced grading and pricing software for marketplaces, we can sell every product to a matching buyer for a good price.

Not only do we completely unburden our partners, we also reduce an insane amount of waste and generate profit for all parties involved.

Our Services

Making more money out of your returns and overstock

With our services, you can maximize your profits and get rid of your returns and overstock in no-time.

  • Services- Full-Service Package


    We’ll completely unburden you. You send us your pallets of returns and we’ll take care of the whole process.

  • Services- Software


    To manage your own return product inspection, use our software to set up your own high-volume site.

  • Services- Beluga Auctions

    Wholesale auction

    Get rid of your overstock fast with our bulk auction platform Beluga Auctions, which offers your overstock to our network of 300+ buyers across Europe.


Working with BuyBay has allowed us to resell large amounts of returned stock which were previously sitting in our warehouse. They have been extremely easy to work with, excellent communicators, and overall very flexible around the challenges we face as an early stage, rapidly growing start-up. We've been able to recover a large amount of revenue on the products they sold for us, and are looking forward to deepening the relationship with them.

Kevin Davies
VP Commercial Operations

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