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BuyBay announces Machiel Tiddens as new CEO

We are happy to introduce you to our new Chief Executive Officer, Machiel Tiddens. With his leadership experience and deep knowledge of e-commerce, he’ll reinforce our management team by joining the BuyBay family.

Let’s meet Machiel: Machiel Tiddens has many years of experience in management positions at leading companies, such as Bol.com and Albert Heijn Online. Other steps in his career include leadership roles in Digital Innovation, Sales, and Operations. He holds degrees in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the University of Twente and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

At BuyBay, Machiel Tiddens will continue the company’s growth strategy, which our previous CEO, Arie Kuiper, has successfully implemented since 2019. Tiddens’ goals in leading BuyBay include further international expansion. He is also responsible for the ongoing development of BuyBay’s software and algorithms and sees another core task in expanding cooperations with partners and integrating BuyBay’s software into their processes and systems. Another focus will be the development of the data and software solutions, which Buybay is currently rolling out with their first two partners: a global leading brand, and a large fulfillment company.

“BuyBay’s business model is attracting a lot of interest in the market, and immediately excited me” explains Machiel Tiddens. “The holistic returns management solution helps companies solve a continuously growing problem, creates a clear added value, and shows that sustainability and profit can go hand in hand.”

“Another reason for me to take the lead at BuyBay was the young, highly motivated team that has enabled BuyBay to achieve its rapid growth,” Tiddens adds. “It is very important to me to maintain this open culture at BuyBay, where skilled employees are given a lot of room to actively develop the business model together and bring in new ideas.”

We are happy to welcome Machiel into our BuyBay family and are excited about this new chapter. Machiel brings fresh energy and innovative ideas, and we are confident he will contribute to further strengthening our core business. Keen to join our sustainable mission and combat waste in e-commerce? Join our team!

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