Press Release: BuyBay and BCC join forces for sustainable return management

Amsterdam, 05-01-2022 – Electronics retailer BCC outsources their return management to specialist BuyBay. BuyBay processes returned items that are not entirely new anymore and gives these products a second life. BuyBay’s approach fits perfectly with the goal of BCC to reduce waste.

BCC has built a solid offline and online proposition with an extensive webshop and more than 60 physical shops. However, growth is accompanied by an increasing number of return flows, which are unavoidable due to e-commerce. That is why BCC is joining forces with returns specialist BuyBay. Besides Blokker, BCC is the second company from the Mirage Group that has entrusted its returns processing to BuyBay.

Return deals

BuyBay takes care of the entire return process: from extensive checking and testing to cleaning and packaging. The articles are then offered at a suitable discount on online marketplaces and Blokker.nl – entirely in line with the vision of combining the strengths of the two retail chains. BuyBay takes care of fulfillment and after-sales once the items are sold.

Marleen de Wit (Manager Customer Operations at BCC) is delighted with the cooperation: “With BuyBay, we have found a complete solution for our returns, and we go against waste. The most sustainable solution is also the most profitable. BuyBay is the perfect returns partner for us”.


Arie Kuiper (CEO BuyBay) explains how returns management can be both sustainable and profitable: “Every product has value, as long as you find the right buyer for it. Maintaining and increasing that value is key in efficiently processing and selling returned items. We are proud that BCC is partnering with us in the fight against waste.”

Sustainability is a significant concern for BCC and its consumers. “More and more consumers take a little damage for granted if it means that they can do their bit for the circular economy. That is what BCC wants to accomplish,” says Marleen de Wit.


The cooperation between BCC & BuyBay was established based on the common denominators of sustainability and innovation. Both parties are looking forward to continuing this in the coming years. Fatih Cankor (Team Leader Reverse Logistics at BCC): “Our returns are efficiently processed and handled by BuyBay. This allows us to focus on our core business, and at the same time, reduce waste. This experience triggered us to intensify the cooperation with BuyBay simultaneously with the growth of BCC”.

About BuyBay

BuyBay was founded in 2014 with the mission to reduce waste. BuyBay processes and sells returned products for retailers, e-commerce parties, distributors, and brands. Through the smart use of pricing algorithms, software and marketplaces, there is always a perfect match with a suitable buyer for optimal profit. BuyBay is now active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. With more than 250 employees, BuyBay works daily towards an economy without waste.

About BCC

For over 50 years, BCC has been the most knowledgeable electronics retailer in the Netherlands. With 1345 employees, 61 branches, and a solid online platform, BCC is one of the leading electronics retailers in the Netherlands. BCC strives to offer its customers expert advice and the highest possible service with its knowledgeable and passionate staff. BCC is part of the Mirage Retail Group (MRG), the retail platform behind the trusted and innovative Blokker, Intertoys, and Miniso shop formulas in the Netherlands.

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