Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about partnering with BuyBay? Check out the FAQs: maybe your question and the answer are already there!

  1. BuyBay is a specialist in returns and overstock management. We process and resell customer returns and overstock. It’s our goal to reduce waste in e-commerce and help companies get the most out of their products. Instead of waste and destruction, we do our part towards a more sustainable world.

  2. BuyBay provides e-tailers, retailers, brands, distributors, and manufacturers a sustainable and profitable solution for their customer returns and overstock.

  3. In need of help, or do you have any questions? You can reach us at or leave your message on the contact form. We are looking forward to meeting you!

  4. BuyBay’s Headquarters is situated in Amsterdam, and our warehouse is in Wijchen (the Netherlands). We also have an office in Cologne (Germany).

  5. Yes. We can help you manage returns and overstock if your company operates in (one of) the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and France.

    We also help companies based in countries not listed here. The most important thing to understand is that we can help you handle returns and overstock if there are no country-specific restrictions involved with reselling. Please reach out to discuss this in detail.

  6. We handle all kinds of products, except for fashion, books, cosmetics, and 18+ products.

    We are skilled in processing and reselling consumer electronics, household appliances, tools & equipment, personal care appliances, and toys. However, we also help many companies process returned products not listed here. Please reach out to discuss the possibilities.

  7. To partner up with us, structural monthly deliveries are necessary to create a proper flow in our warehouse. Please reach out to discuss the minimum number of products.

  8. Yes, we have an excellent solution for obsolete stock and overstock. Our B2B auction platform Beluga Auctions offers obsolete inventory to our network of trusted buyers across Europe. With Beluga, we guarantee the highest payout for your products and a fast and transparent process. Learn more about Beluga Auctions here.

  9. Currently, we provide our partners with two services for their returns and overstock: Full-service & Wholesale Auction.

    Our Full-service solution can be the perfect fit if you are looking for a solution for your high-value customer returns. There are two options in delivering your returned goods to us: you collect the returns at your warehouse and provide them in bulk on a structural basis (e.g., weekly or monthly), or the goods arrive directly from the customer: BuyBay serves as the direct return address for your consumers so that you do not need to worry anymore about returns piling up in your warehouse.

    Our Wholesale Auctions solution Beluga-Auctions is very suitable for products in bulk like obsolete stock and low-value customer returns. Learn more about Beluga Auctions here.

    With every service, we guarantee that we sell your items within three months and that you will never see your products again.

    In the future, we will also launch a SaaS solution. Are you interested in SaaS? Please let us know, so we can keep you updated about the progress and launch of our SaaS solution.

  10. BuyBay is the seller of the products, and we use external sales channels to sell the items. Therefore, your company is not directly linked to the sale of the products. In addition, we offer consumers transparent product information (via detailed descriptions and photos), so they know exactly what they are buying and won’t experience any surprises. If there are any issues or questions, BuyBay’s customer service team is always willing to help consumers. On the contrary, we firmly believe selling returns can offer great opportunities! We have listed the benefits of sustainable returns management in this blog.

  11. A unique consumer segment is addressed by offering second-hand or returned products. Consumers buy these products primarily out of sustainability reasons or budget restraints. These consumers thus have different needs and wishes compared to the primary target group. Therefore, there is no direct competition. Do you need advice? We are happy to discuss the opportunities and difficulties.

  12. The process follows an introduction call, a potential analysis, and starting a pilot. Of course, we personalize each onboarding process to fit your company’s specific needs, wishes, and external & internal factors. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Please reach out to to discuss the possibilities.

  13. There are no set-up costs involved, and we always start our collaboration with a pilot. We work with a fee per product for processing and reselling the items. Are you interested to know more? We are happy to help.

  14. We currently work with a fee per product for processing and reselling the items. Our model is based on structural monthly deliveries. If you fill in the form on our website, we will contact you about all the details.