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BuyBay revolutionizes recommerce and boosts Contorion’s profitability and sustainability

New software enables businesses to process and resell returned goods and overstock from any warehouse to drive circular economy

BuyBay, the European recommerce expert, introduces a new software in May 2024. It allows businesses to maximize the resale value of returns and overstock and drive sustainability through routing smartly and grading consistently, from any warehouse. Contorion, a leading German e-tailer, saw significant improvements in profitability and sustainability within the first month following the software implementation at Fiege’s (3PL) warehouse in Greven-Reckenfeld in March 2024.

In the last eight years, BuyBay has been developing and using its recommerce software in its grading center. It serves the largest e-commerce players in Europe. BuyBay now allows businesses to use this technology from any warehouse, enabling them to increase profits of returns and overstock while minimizing environmental impact.

Recommerce software that automatically sells on marketplaces and drives sustainability

Due to the different conditions, each returned product is seen as unique by BuyBay. The software strategically selects the optimal destination for each item ranging from BuyBay’s connected recommerce marketplaces, the partner’s own sales channels, or BuyBay’s exclusive buyer network of over 1,000 partners. If needed it also considers repair or recycling options. By factoring in costs and profit margins, the software ensures maximum product lifespans while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This approach stands out from the current industry norm, offering partners the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their existing sales channels with other recommerce marketplaces.

Machiel Tiddens, CEO of BuyBay: “At BuyBay, our mission is to establish a more profitable and sustainable approach to reselling returns and overstock, prolonging product lives. With our new recommerce software operated from our client’s warehouses, we empower them to extend the lifespan of every product and connect them with new satisfied customers. BuyBay looks forward to collaborating with more businesses to advance the circular economy in Europe. We believe that collective participation is essential for its success.”

Contorion tripled recommerce profits

In March 2024, Contorion, a leading German e-tailer, saw significant improvements in profitability and sustainability within the first month following the software implementation at Fiege’s (3PL) warehouse in Greven-Reckenfeld in March 2024. This implementation empowers Fiege to optimize its operations through efficient routing and consistent grading, while automating the resale of returns and overstock across 20 marketplaces for Contorion.

During the initial month of implementation, Contorion achieved significant milestones. They recovered up to 80% of the original product value, and tripled recommerce profits compared to the industry standard. Additionally, Contorion extended the lifespans of 5,000 products and gained access to five new recommerce marketplaces across three new countries: France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, in addition to Germany. Furthermore, BuyBay helped Contorion prevent 5.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to a 70% reduction compared to the industry standard.

“I’m thrilled with the impact BuyBay’s recommerce software has had on our operations,” says Lucie Egermaier, Senior Logistics Manager at Contorion. “We’ve enhanced profitability and sustainability with its help. It has empowered us to tackle diverse product ranges, minimize transportation costs and emissions, and access new recommerce markets, driving our success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.” Justus Volmary, Head of Returns and Quality at Fiege’s warehouse in Greven-Reckenfeld, adds, “The integration of BuyBay’s recommerce software was seamless, and the software is user-friendly and intuitive. The customized workflow helps us grade more efficiently and precisely, even with a wide product range.” Through this collaboration, Contorion is well-positioned to thrive in the recommerce landscape, maximizing profitability while minimizing environmental impact.

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