Working remotely

BuyBay’s flexibility to work remotely

BuyBay’s team culture is based on freedom and trust. We stimulate a work environment where our team members feel the motivation, energy, and flexibility to be on top of their game. As an employer, we are constantly innovating to create the best workplace, and in doing so, we continuously ask for feedback from the team. After all, a great culture is something we build together!  

Over the past two years, we’ve seen that our hybrid way of working offered quite some significant benefits. It improves productivity, creativity, happiness and encourages a healthy work-life balance. The freedom to organize your working hours, to do sports when it suits you best, and the choice to work from anywhere in the world are – among other things – part of this new way of working.

We believe that the best workplace represents the world we live in today. Diversity in its broadest sense connects us, brings different perspectives, and drives us forward as a company. The environment in which someone is surrounded plays a dynamic role as a source of inspiration and shaping their outlook on life. 

For this reason, we offer the opportunity to work abroad for four weeks per quarter if your function allows this. A change of scenery enables our team members to learn more about other cultures, visit their loved ones, and feel the freedom and flexibility to chase their dreams.  

Each individual has different desires and needs when it comes to job happiness. Our mission is to create an environment where everyone feels the space to thrive and grow!  

Do you want to become part of the BuyBay team and contribute to our sustainable mission? 

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