Business Innovation Manager Andreea

Meet our team | Business Innovation Manager Andreea in developing BuyBay’s new platform

Andreea is BuyBay’s go-to person for developing projects that push forward its mission of promoting sustainability in the retail industry. In this article, she gives us an overview of a new platform that will cater to overstocks and returns, further reducing waste while ensuring maximum profit recovery for our partners.

Andreea outside the BuyBay HQ

Andreea is very adventurous and doesn’t shy away from challenges. Even with a hectic schedule at work, Andreea still finds time to enjoy sports like biking, bouldering, hiking, running, sledding, strength training, and yoga. Aside from sports, Andreea loves food and travel. She likes discovering new places to travel to and trying out new restaurants around her home.

What else do we have to know about Andreea outside the office?

“I am an avid reader. I’m very interested in topics about business, economics, habits, health, and history.”

Being a voracious reader significantly contributes to Andreea’s role at BuyBay as a Business Innovation Manager. This is also one of the major factors that influenced her to explore a career opportunity at BuyBay. She gets a lot of inspiration and ideas that fuel her passion for sustainability, pushing her to develop innovative solutions to help BuyBay’s cause.

Fulfilling passion and purpose with the right company

As a professional, Andreea channels her interest in sustainability to constantly seek breakthroughs for the retail landscape in caring for the environment. BuyBay’s mission to reduce waste through its innovative return management solution aligns with Andreea’s passion for contributing to creating a more sustainable environment in her way.

Being BuyBay’s Business Innovation Manager, Andreea is tasked to identify and implement high-impact projects related to strategy, recovery value optimization, operational excellence, and partnerships. “Within this role, I contribute to maximizing our environmental and business impact while making sure the implementation of all these projects is delivering the right value at the right time.”

Currently, Andreea dedicates her full attention to developing a new business model. This model aims to increase the recovery for partners and streamline the flow of low-value products more efficiently and smartly.

“Through this new business solution we’re developing, we aim to strengthen BuyBay’s mission towards the environment and our partners by offering an E2E solution for product returns and obsolete stock.”

The aim of Andreea’s project

BuyBay aims to further improve its brand by doubling down on sustainability efforts in product returns and overstock management. “Our buyers will be able to benefit from the 24/7 availability of our bulk customer returns and overstock lots across several product categories. We’re building an automated marketplace with a reliable partner that has several years of experience in this industry.”

With this new platform, BuyBay partners will gain more advantage in handling overstock and product returns from a maximized recovery value of their unused stock, leading to faster sales cycles.

Although this business model has only been tested for the past four months, Andreea’s team is confident that it will succeed. It’s just a matter of time before BuyBay’s new model starts opening more opportunities that will benefit partners and create more happy customers.

BuyBay’s role in the future of sustainability in the BeNeLux

European e-commerce is on the rise, and so are the product return rates. BuyBay sees this as an opportunity to prove the profitability and sustainability of its advanced grading solution.

Andreea speaks only facts about the increasing value of a circular economy in handling overstock and returns. “Apart from the product losing its value, it is often landfilled, contributing to rising emissions. At the same time, sustainability is no longer an option, but a mandatory rule that all businesses need to start incorporating into their vision and daily operations.”

BuyBay has viewed sustainability as an inevitable trend, which is why it’s at the forefront of the movement pushing for a circular economy. The company’s foundation is rooted in championing waste reduction through clever selling methods to tap into the secondary market for marketing overstocks and returns.

Being a part of BuyBay

No words can be more accurate than what Andreea said about working with BuyBay. “BuyBay is the place where you can be a true entrepreneur and be able to experiment with all types of innovation, from process incremental to business model transformation. I think it is the perfect environment that allows enough playfield and peer knowledge to empower your ideas.”

A bit of final advice from our very own Business Innovation Manager: “Own every project or role, collaborate intensively, and add the drive and ambition to generate a positive impact on the environment! And enjoy the ride!”

We at BuyBay, highly value our team’s dedication to exploring innovative solutions to further improve our sustainability efforts without intervening with their freedom, creativity, and experience. Get to know our other team members here.

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