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It’s our goal to reduce waste. It is still common practice for companies to destroy returned items and overstock. Why? Mostly because they don’t know there is a great alternative. We are here to help companies to give their returns and overstock a second life. By doing so, we contribute to a circular economy and the reduction of co2 emission. One item at a time.

We strongly believe that every product has value, as long as you can find a matching buyer for it. A next-to-new smartphone may be bought as a gift for a spouse. A broken washing machine may be bought by someone for its parts.

We handle and sort these valuable products and resell them to their happy new owners, for the best possible price. And in order to help our partners and customers in the best possible manner, we proudly developed our own software and algorithms along the way.

Yes, we’re quite passionate about our mission to reduce waste. Not only do we put our partners’ and customers’ interests first, we also truly believe that Zero-Waste e-commerce and sustainability are the future.

We put a smile in return.

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Our mission is aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

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