Smart management of returns & overstock

BuyBay resells returns and overstock for retailers, brands, and manufacturers. While maximising their profits, we combat the waste in e-commerce and contribute to a circular society.

Our Story

On a mission to reduce waste

We collaborate with companies like retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers that share our ambition to reduce waste. We guarantee that returned products are being re-used and generate the highest possible turnover for our partners. With happy customers as a final result. A win-win for our planet, partners, customers, and all 250 BuyBayers involved.

  • Our Story • 1. Dealing with return & Overstock

    Dealing with returns & overstock

    We unburden our partners with our solution that generates both financial and environmental benefits.

  • Our Story • 2. Selling to Happy customers

    Selling them to happy new owners

    We give every valuable returned product a second life.

  • Our Story • 3. Contribution to a circular economy

    Contributing to a circular economy

    We say goodbye to waste and strive for Zero-Waste e-commerce.

Our services

Making more money out of your returns and overstock

With our services, you can maximize your profits and get rid of your returns and overstock in no-time.

  • Services- Full-Service Package


    We’ll completely unburden you. You send us your pallets of returns and we’ll take care of the whole process.

  • Services- Software


    To manage your own return product inspection, use our software to set up your own high-volume site.

  • Services- Beluga Auctions

    Wholesale auction

    Get rid of your overstock fast with our bulk auction platform Beluga Auctions, which offers your overstock to our network of 300+ buyers across Europe.

Which of our services meets your needs?

Enjoy the benefits of our smart solution to handle your returns and overstock.

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