A smile in return

We are BuyBay

a tech company that helps e-tailers, manufacturers and distributors to sell their returned products to new owners. We do this with smart software that we developed ourselves. This software creates an optimal match with buyers and ensures smooth redistribution with the best possible yield for all partners.

So we are giving returned products a second life, making all of the involved parties as happy as possible and making the world a little more sustainable in the process.

A smile in return

We give returned products a second life: often the product has only been momentarily removed from the package, has light traces of use or is not entirely new anymore for another reason. We always indicate why the product has been put on the market again, so that consumers know exactly what they’re buying. They don’t want any nasty surprises. Nor do we.

If a product doesn’t meet expectations after all, then we’ll provide a suitable solution.
Always with ‘A smile in return.’



How we do it

BuyBay Insights

You can count on 100% transparency. Why a product was returned, its origin, its original value, its new value, the sales, and so forth. We provide you with all of the insights you need to optimally manage the returns 24/7. In short: you are in charge.

BuyBay Plazas

Use our BuyBay dashboard to see all sales opportunities for each return item in the immense European sales network. You determine the sales plan, you are in charge. The result: maximum support, recovery and yield, and minimum waste.

BuyBay Services

We handle (if desired) the entire logistical process: from collection to grading, from storage to distribution, from sales to customer support. A smoothly run service, which we are happy to take off your hands. As extensive as you wish.

Happy partners

‘BuyBay provides a unique solution for the sale of surplus stock and returns. Indeed, these items generate much higher earnings than was the case with classic buyers.’

Ernst Gerolt - Blokker

‘With BuyBay as a partner, Acer created an opportunity, in the context of sustainability, to reuse its products, which is helping to reduce the impact on the environment.’

Sjoerd van der Noen -Acer

Our partners

Knowledge Centre

BuyBay’s Knowledge Centre is the hub for knowledge, information and thought leadership on smart return management. Our goal is to tackle the challenge of managing returns and overstock in a sustainable way, resulting in positive cash impact and reduction of CO2 emissions.

In here, you will find articles, information and documentation which will help you get started with generating maximum recovery. We don’t believe in waste, as every returned product creates a new opportunity.


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