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Do you want to manage your own product inspection and grading? No problem. You can use BuyBay’s software to set up your own high-volume website.

  1. Full control of product inspection

    You decide what happens to all of your products and how to handle them in your warehouse. The result: our solution fitting your individual needs in the best possible way.

  2. More money from your returns

    The payout on your returns is typically 2 to 4 times higher than the bulk buyer alternative, adding directly to your bottom line.

  3. Reduction of waste

    An estimated ~30-40% of the returns we sell would have ended up as trash. Our zero-waste solution will allow you to significantly reduce the environmental impact of your returns.

What do we offer?

  1. Warehouse return management



    BuyBay’s proven returns warehouse management system. Vault will assign a unique license plate to each product upon reception. This license plate allows you to set up your custom routing throughout the site and integrates your own WMS and ERP systems.



    Advanced product inspection software. Verdict guides your employees through an easy-to-follow grading flow. By default, it comes with 100+ grading flows based on our years of experience in grading. These grading flows can be customized to fit the needs of your products and overall business. Verdict also comes with built-in performance management, allowing you to control process quality as well as grader efficiency down to the individual product.



    The machine learning brains of the software. For each item, Vantage will predict upfront how much value can be recovered. Based on this information, it will determine how many minutes of employee handling will still be needed and which procedures to apply. This will result in a zero-waste grading process.

  2. Recommerce



    The sales engine ensuring you get the maximum value out of your returned items. For each graded product, Flux will determine the best marketplace to offer the item. This can be any of the large marketplaces (e.g. or Amazon) or our own bulk auction platform Beluga Auctions. Flux will also automatically list and delist the items, so you don’t have to take care of that yourself.



    The machine learning engine that transforms selling into smart selling. Flash will take information about product elasticity, product quality, market prices and search volumes and uses it to optimize our product prices multiple times a day. For each individual product. Across all countries.

  3. Admin & business intelligence



    Cockpit will allow you to set up and adapt the software in the way that best suits your business. You will also be able to measure performance across the KPIs that matter most, all the way down to product or grader level.

Maximize your profits in no-time

Enjoy the benefits of smart return and overstock management. In a way that best meets your needs and without obligations.

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