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Meet our team | CCO Oliver in expanding BuyBay in the European market

As Chief Commercial Officer, Oliver is responsible for expanding BuyBay’s footprint outside of the Benelux. In this interview, Oliver talks about his roadmap, expansion plans within Europe and the importance of sustainable business practices.

Oliver just bought his nephew an Acer laptop. Of course not a brand new one, but a returned laptop via BuyBay. “The laptop is super-fast and in top condition. There is so much value and potential in returned products, it’s a shame to buy spanking new when there is an equally good alternative!”

It’s what characterizes Oliver: smiling, enthusiastic and lots of energy. Why he expresses so much positivity certainly has to do with his active lifestyle. Oliver lives at the coast and believes that there is nothing better than a long walk at the beach after a day of work. He also loves to travel to places where he can go scuba diving. Enjoying good food doesn’t escape his routine as he sees it as a vital part of life, the same as a solid work-out several times a week to burn those calories.

Finding the right work-life balance is key to Oliver: “People who work at BuyBay value work-life balance very much. We work hard but want everyone to stay energized and happy.”

What keeps Oliver busy at BuyBay?

As Chief Commercial Officer, Oliver is the head of the Business Development Team. A team of motivated BuyBayers that all want to make the company grow. Together, they are responsible for ensuring that every person or business that struggles with returns and overstock get to know BuyBay’s solution.

Oliver happily describes his role and responsibility: “My role is to bring our solution to various countries throughout Europe. We have an amazing and unique solution that’s ready to be used.”

To Oliver, his work is more than just developing the company’s market presence. It’s also about championing sustainability which he is truly passionate about. By expanding BuyBay’s reach, more waste can be reduced.

“Maximizing the use and value of existing products, rather than producing new, greatly contributes to a more sustainable world. It’s one of the most important topics that businesses should be working on nowadays.”

Expanding the company’s footprint

It’s not the first time that Oliver has been working on expanding a company’s footprint. In previous steps of his career, he took successfully care of business development in European as well as overseas markets. Before joining BuyBay, his responsibility was to build the presence of a Dutch company in the Australian market.

His past work experiences have taught Oliver how to explore untapped markets. So when he switched to working here, he already knew how to initiate the go-to-market strategy. As a result, the team works on identifying key stakeholders, building relationships and analyzing the potential in different markets.

BuyBay’s roadmap

BuyBay is currently present in the Benelux and in Germany. It’s a fact that each country has its own specificities, cultures, requirements, and regulations. Oliver and his team thoroughly study these to understand the needs of local markets before entering.

“We see lots of growth opportunities, we move fast, but we’re not rushing things. We’re carefully looking at country-specific customer needs in Germany. Many companies who decide to enter a new market think that what works in the home market will work everywhere. That’s hardly ever the case. Our solution is fully operational in Germany. What drives our success now is our capability to find the answers to pure local requirements. This approach takes certainly more time, but it is a sustainable approach. It has allowed us to onboard a first significant number of German partners over the last few quarters and will be our blueprint for further expansion.”

While serving the German and Benelux markets, Oliver already started preparing for the next phases. He is building a roadmap for serving more countries in 2021.

“We’re preparing for the company’s acceleration. BuyBay is at full blast in establishing processes and strategies to make sure we’re ready to expand into other markets. Everyone is on it, and it will definitely bring the company to the next level!”

Focusing on sustainability

For good reasons, there is a lot of focus on sustainability and waste reduction nowadays. The press often highlights returned products and overstock as waste contributors. As a result, consumers are becoming more conscious about their shopping behavior and businesses are more aware of their sustainability practices.

“Sustainability is a hot topic, and this places BuyBay at the optimum position for growth. It’s our mission to help retailers, manufacturers, distributors and brands reduce waste. By getting better at our mission, we are striving to become the leader in sustainability efforts within Europe.”

Why should you work at BuyBay?

A company thrives when its members share their mission and vision. BuyBay is growing because of intelligent, courageous, and talented people who share the same passion for promoting sustainability. The company is in an exciting phase of business expansion and currently opening up once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to new team members.

If you feel that you’re up to a challenge, check out our vacancies today.

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