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About BuyBay

Every day people all over the world put 3.5 billion items into their online shopping carts. It makes shopping nice and easy. As it turns out, however, a considerable number of these items don’t always meet consumers’ expectations. As a result, people end up sending these items back. An item may be unblemished or it may have a small scratch. Or perhaps it only has damaged packaging or a dent.

Either way, from that moment on, all of these items become second-rate products. A huge number of fabulous, coveted, valuable items suddenly lose their value. It’s a crying shame. That’s why we’re giving these products new value and a second chance. We carefully check every return delivery. Smart software then matches the item with a new buyer.

In the process, we make everyone happy, reduce waste and make the world a little more sustainable.

Second chance

We give returned products a second life: often the product has only been momentarily removed from the package, has light traces of use or is not entirely new anymore for another reason. We always indicate why the product has been put on the market again, so that you know exactly why this is a second-chance product. You don’t want any nasty surprises. Nor do we.

If a product doesn’t meet your expectations after all,
then we’ll immediately fix the problem for you.


Fast delivery

We fully understand that you would like to receive the product you ordered ASAP. That’s why we do everything in our power to get your purchase ready for delivery immediately from our distribution centre in Wijchen. You will usually receive your order within a few days.

In most cases you will also receive a track & trace code, which you can use to monitor your order. So you won’t have to wait at home the entire day for your purchase to arrive. It’s easy as can be. And we always send our products through reputable carriers such as PostNL and DHL.

Exchanging your product

Of course, sometimes a product isn’t exactly what you had in mind. No problem, you always have a 14-day window to return a product. Always with a smile in return. In addition, it’s our policy to offer 6 months warranty on our products.

Because we sell returned products, we don’t always have a comparable product in stock. That’s why we won’t always be able to send you a replacement. Of course you’re always entitled to a refund – even if there’s a replacement product in stock.


If you have any questions about the warranty or want to use the warranty scheme, please contact our Customer Support team. A team of enthusiastic BuyBay staff will be ready to help you on the spot.

Giving products a second chance

At BuyBay we not only saw a gap in the market for return products. We also saw the gap in the ozone layer and are determined to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable society.

Why should you immediately buy a new product if there’s an equally good alternative? By giving return products a second chance instead of immediately rejecting them, we’re putting much less pressure on the environment. Indeed, we’re preventing the unnecessary waste of good products and as a result we’re contributing to a more circular economy. Which is already making life better for us, but also for the coming generations.

What customers say about BuyBay

‘The seller responded quickly with a clear email. The item was well packaged and arrived quickly – it was exactly what I had expected’

Anke - uit Opwijk

‘Indeed, there was minor damage, but it was perfectly indicated and therefore nice to save some money’

Wim - uit Amsterdam

‘Everything was perfect, fast delivery, excellent keyboard and mouse, good price. It arrived after one day, while they had indicated that it would take three.’

Mona - uit Almelo

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