A smile in return


BuyBay is a young and dynamic company that is turning the world of return products upside down. You see, we think it can be done better, more transparently and more sustainably. The people working at BuyBay are full of enthusiasm and are highly driven to do things better every single day. Working at BuyBay means working in an informal, open and challenging environment where you have room to develop yourself and make a lasting contribution to the success of BuyBay.

Our Values


We have an accessible, open culture, in which learning and keeping each other on our toes are priorities. We are self-critical and focus on developing and improving ourselves.


We’re driven in our desire to develop, to change and to experiment. We want to grow and learn. Every day is an opportunity to do things better.


We believe that we can the world a little more fun and a better place. Together, people and technology can contribute to that goal every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At BuyBay we not only saw a gap in the market for return products. We also saw the gap in the ozone layer and are determined to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable society. Why should you immediately buy a new product if there’s an equally good alternative? By giving return products a second chance instead of immediately rejecting them, we’re putting much less pressure on the environment. Indeed, we’re preventing the unnecessary waste of good products and as a result we’re contributing to a more circular economy. And as a result we can hand over a planet in good shape to the coming generations.

Our mission

At BuyBay we want to truly solve the returned products problem and not defer it. Because we’re convinced it can be done. We work with an entire chain of partners to achieve this aim: brands, manufacturers, retailers and sales platforms.

In doing so, we have one goal: get return items to new owners as quickly as possible so they can derive as much pleasure as possible from these products. We run a tight ship, use smart software and have an extensive sales network: it’s an open, transparent and no-nonsense process.

Our people

Young dynamic and ultra-motivated to make a success of BuyBay. That’s what connects everyone at BuyBay. With more than 70 people spread across our headquarters in Amsterdam and our Warehouse in Wijchen, we focus on solving the return problem each and every day. We’re passionate about it and have a lot of fun doing it.






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