BuyBay opens a warehouse with more than 10,000 m² of space for return products

Amsterdam, 29 August 2017 – BuyBay has opened a new warehouse in Wijchen to process the increasing flow of return products and facilitate the growth of the company. The warehouse takes up more than 10,000 m2 and is fully equipped to receive, grade and resell return products to major web shops, brands and distributors.

‘The move to a new warehouse is another step in BuyBay’s development,’ says Thijs Bosgoed, founder and managing director of BuyBay. ‘This gives us the possibility to meet the increasing demand of our partners to look for a solution to their return problems. In order to give our partners even more insight into their return flows, we will soon launch BuyBay Insights®. BuyBay Insights® is the next release by our Partner Dashboard, which enables our partners to manage their return products themselves.’

BuyBay deliberately chose Wijchen. The location is not far from the current warehouse, which means staff can be retained. Moreover, Wijchen is close to the German border, so both the Dutch and the German markets can be easily served. Previously, BuyBay secured an investment that made it possible to expand to Germany. In the meantime, the German market has become one of BuyBay’s most important sales markets.

‘Not only is the new warehouse bigger, but it has been more intelligently designed,’ says Erik Bosgoed, founder and operational director. ‘Thousands of products are handled there every day, from Airfryers to iPhones. Our rapid growth made it necessary to come up with a more intelligent design. In addition, we implemented a new Warehouse Management System that enables us to process our products more quickly and efficiently so they can reach our new buyers even more quickly. The products are shipped from Wijchen to destinations all over Europe.’

The new warehouse is already operational, but it will be officially opened in September.

About BuyBay

It is estimated that approximately 3.5 billion products are returned every year in Europe. That’s a crying shame and means massive waste. BuyBay helps e-tailers, manufacturers and distributors to give these products new value and new owners. We carefully check every return delivery. Then the smart software creates an optimal match with buyers and ensures smooth redistribution with the best possible yield for all partners.

BuyBay therefore creates added value for partners and customers, reduces waste and makes the world a little more sustainable in the process.

BuyBay. A Smile in Return

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